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Who We Are

We, the members of Macedonia, are truly recipients of God’s unmerited favor. As we celebrate our 150th church anniversary, we are reminded of our victories and our defeats; our achievements and our failures; our successes and our struggles. Nevertheless, borrowing Frederick Douglass’ infinite wisdom, ‘Without a struggle, there can be no progress,’ it is also factual that without knowledge of one’s own history there can be no appreciable future.

We owe much to our founding fathers and mothers because their perseverance has been the bridge that has brought us this far. To them, we say thank you. Their sacrifices, we shall never forget!

Pastor Lon Harden and First Lady Shelia Harden

Our History

On Jan. 24, 1870, New Providence Baptist Church on Louisville Road near Guyton dismissed 24 of its members to organize Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church. The former slaves, freed by the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1865, were eager to have their own church after years of attending services with slave owners.

According to legend, the church’s first meeting was conducted in a bush arbor on property owned by Yancey Gracen.

The original church building resembled St. John Baptist’s Church in Oliver. The steeple was set high so that it could be seen from several miles in any direction.

A new building was erected in 1962 and is still in use today. On Aug. 24, 2004, Carolina C. Brown presented Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church its original bell. The gesture overjoyed the congregation.

For us to have the ‘original church bell’ in our possession once again is like having our own historical monument. We say this because we have absolutely no idea ‘the struggle’ that our forefathers had to endure to hoist that church bell to its lofty height but hoist it they did. Yes, their sacrifices we shall never forget.

A few years earlier, Brown returned a pipe organ that her family had presented to the church when it was rebuilt. She was made an honorary church member on Jan. 16, 2005, becoming the first person to receive that honor. The bell and the organ are far from the lone links to the church’s beginnings.  Several members are direct descendants of originals members.

Our Leaders

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Ministerial Staff

  • Reverend Lon M. Harden, Pastor

  • Minister Edies Cope, Daughter of the Church

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Official Board

  • Deacon Leroy Lloyd
  • Deacon Charlie Harden
  • Deacon Jason Harden
  • Deacon Robert Harden
  • Deacon Cedric Andrews
  • Deacon Ralph Hunter, Sr.
  • Sister Shelia Thompson
  • Sister Juanita Golden
  • Deacon Jerome Riley
  • Deacon Nathaniel Hayes, Sr.
  • Brother Levan Scott, Chairman

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Deacon Board

  • Deacon Leroy Lloyd, Chairman
  • Deacon Jason Harden, Asst. Chairman
  • Deacon Ralph Hunter, Sr.
  • Deacon Robert Harden
  • Deacon Charlie Harden
  • Deacon Cedric Andrews
  • Deacon Nathaniel Hayes, Sr.
  • Deacon Jerome Riley
  • Deacon Kenneth Bowers
  • Deacon John Henry Akins

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Deaconess Board

  • Deaconess Maureen Harden
  • Deaconess Pauline Harden 
  • Deaconess Rachel Lloyd
  • Deaconess Juanita Harden
  • Deaconess Effie Hunter
  • Deaconess Cassandra Andrews
  • Deaconess Mimi Hayes
  • Deaconess NaShaunda Harden
  • Deaconess Jacqueline C. Hunter
  • Deaconess Laverne Bowers
  • Deaconess Hursula Pelote
  • Deaconess Ruth Griffin
  • Deaconess Leatrice Riley
  • Deaconess Elizabeth Akins
  • Deaconess Willie Mae Akins

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Youth Department

  • Sister Cassandra Andrews, Advisor
  • Sister Andria Hunter
  • Sister Adrianne Hunter
  • Brother Trenton Jones
  • Sister Terrien Edwards
  • Brother Nathaniel Hayes
  • Sister Victoria Glover, Advisor
  • Sister Jillian Pelote
  • Brother Cameron Walker
  • Sister Telah Edwards
  • Sister Miranda Walker
  • Sister Kennedy Andrews

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Usher Board

The Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Usher Board was organized in 1950 with Rev. W.S. Scott, Pastor and Dea. John Gray Sr., President. Dea. Gray served as President from 1950 to 1953. In 1953, Bro. John N. Cultphert was elected President with Rev. E.G. Lane, Pastor. Bro Cultphert served until 1954. In 1954, Sis. Mamie Davis was elected President while still under the leadership of Rev. E.G. Lane. Sis. Davis also served under the leadership of Rev. Charles Hall until her death in June 1982. Sister Anna Bell Simmons was appointed President under the leadership of Rev. Charles Hall. Dea. Lewis Harden was the Usher Board Advisor. The Junior Usher Board was reorganized under Rev. Hall’s leadership with Sis. Lula Seabrooks as the Advisor. Sis. Simmons was President for many years, serving under the leadership of Rev. Samuel Hutchinson and Rev. Delmons White. In 1999,
Sis. Simmons was appointed President Emeritus after years of service and failing health. She remained in that position until her death. In 1999, Sis Lula Seabrooks was appointed President under the leadership of
Rev. Delmons White, with Bro. Frederick Doberson as Advisor, serving until his death in 2014. Sis. Lula Seabrooks continues to serve as President at the present time with Rev. Lon Maurice Harden as Pastor.

Active Members are Sis. Lula Seabrooks, President; Sis. Eyvone Hunter, Vice President;
Sis. Anna Andrews, Treasurer; Sis. Annette Hunter, Secretary; Sis. Jennifer Hunter, Sis. Patricia Ruthledge, Bro. Nathan Hayes, Bro. Bryce Goldwire, and Bro. T.J. Hunter.

It is our Prayers that God will continue to bless and keep us humble and strong so we can continue serving as Doorkeepers in the House of the Lord!